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This is the place for Catholic religion students and Catholic high school religion teachers to learn about their faith and receive help in planning their lessons. There is a multitude of information being updated on this site but if you wish to enter my original site go to http://nicenet.org/ and under the class login enter the words mother of god and in the password section also enter the password mother of god (with spaces separating the words in both instances). There are many documents in the document section which may be useful to you. There is little original on this site. It is all available elsewhere on the web. My hope is to make teaching and learning about the faith as easy as possible for those who wish to love God and share their love of God to others. Any questions or suggestions about the site should be addressed to totustuus333@gmail.com

Saint John Paul IIThe Internet causes billions of images to appear on millions of computer monitors around the planet. From this galaxy of sight and sound will the face of Christ emerge and the voice of Christ be heard? For it is only when his face is see and his voice heard that the world will know the glad tidings of our redemption. This is the purpose of evangelization. And this is what will make the Internet a genuinely human space, for if there is no room for Christ, there is no room for man. -- Message for the 36th World Communications Day (2002)
Pope Benedict XVIWithout fear we must set sail on the digital sea facing into the deep with the same passion that has governed the ship of the Church for two thousand years. Rather than for, albeit necessary, technical resources, we want to qualify ourselves by living in the digital world with a believer’s heart, helping to give a soul to the Internet’s incessant flow of communication. (2010)

God has a hidden plan for all of us. Even if we have a small and humble part in the history of the Church, it is worthwhile to be in it.

This site is dedicated in loving memory to a wonderful man, husband, father and grandfather, Fran Smith.
May the angels lead you to paradise.