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1) Bible Gateway
Research 1: Compare a favorite Bible verse to three different translations and explain why a particular translation of your verse is your favorite translation. You do not need to use any other sites then the ones listed for this assignment. You may also go to the school library to compare three different translations if this link is not working from your home. A number of the girls have asked for a fuller explanation of the Research 1 Assignment. One concern is that there is not that much to write about in this assignment so as to fill two pages. This suggestion may help. If you wish to do more than one verse for comparison you may do so provided you still view 3 different translations. You should include in your paper the reason why you choose the verse and also the actual verse from the translation that you used. If your explanation seems too short do more that one verse. You may also choose a paragraph from the bible and include it in your paper. The purpose of this assignment is to compare actual translations so that you can understand just how important it is to have a bible that speaks to you heart when you are praying and reading the bible. This assignment also gives you an idea just how much translations may vary so that you would want to be careful when you choose your own personal bible translation.

2) The Douay-Rheims Bible
Also for Research 1: The Douay-Rheims Bible is found at this link. It is an older Catholic translation of Scripture.

3) The New American Bible
Also for Research 1: The Classroom Bible that you use at School, The New American Bible can be found here.

4) How are Christians to use technology?
Research 2: Read the link above and answer the question in your own words This assignment is being given to you because you will be using technology this year for much of your work. In your paper answer this question: how important do you think technology is when it comes to spreading the Good News of the gospel to others?

5) The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Research 3: Explain the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and give your interpretation as to how Mary accurately represents for Roman Catholics a woman of faith, dignity and courage. Also compare Mary to any other woman from the Bible that you choose. Why would God choose Mary when He could have chose any other woman?

6) Bishop Chaput
Research 4: In your own words tell the teacher the content of this article and what you've learned from it. Also ask yourself are there any points in the article that you feel the class needs to discuss and write these points coherently so that the class may discuss them. Your name will be withheld from the class so that you may speak your thoughts on these issues freely.

7) Love Dreams
Research 5: Explain what Fulton Sheen means when he writes 'Love Dreams'. Is Fulton Sheen realistic when he speaks about the things mentioned in his article or does he seem to not have a clue about love?

8) Apparitions
Research 6: From one or more of these various links give a vivid description of an approved apparition. Our faith teaches us that this type of thing happened in Scripture. Do you think that any of these things still really happen or are these types of occurrences just too wild to really believe?

9) Consecrated Orders
Research 7: From one or more of these various links give a vivid description of a consecrated order. What did you think of the order you chose to discuss? Why would a woman choose to enter a religious order?

10) Blaise Pascal
Research 8: After reading the linked article, tell me in paragraph form who was Blaise Pascal and why is he important to the Church. Also mention what you believe to be his most important quote. To do this access your favorite search engine and look up quotes by Blaise Pascal.

11) Saint Thérèse
Research 9: Who was Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and why is she important to the Catholic faith? This page is only the beginning link. Be sure to click on 'more' at the bottom of each page. Also compare Saint Thérèse or the verse of Proverbs 31 of an ideal wife. How does Saint Thérèse compare as a bride of Christ (a religious sister)?
12) Additional Saint Thérèse Sites
13) Google Search on Saint Thérèse