'Simon Birch' functions as a parable dealing with one's faith, trust in God and personal destiny. It shows God's permissive will (what He allows) and ordained will (what He wills as part of your destiny) in a powerful fashion. The film also has a scene which has two of the characters (Simon and Reverend Russell) quoting Proverbs, a book from scripture which we will study.

Faith is often caught and not taught. The environment of the home, the surrounding of the school and the friends that we chose all influence how we live our faith. The purpose of showing the film Simon Birch is to reflect on what it means to have faith even with our limitations and circumstances that life has given to us. It also gives us a chance to discus how God has made us for a specific purpose and that how we individually respond to the challenges that life gives us makes all the difference.When the film was released it was savaged by many critics. They either loved the film or absolutely detested it.

Questions on Simon Birch: In your own words answer the following questions.

1) In your own opinion is there any symbolic significance of the name 'Simon Birch'? What did the deer in the film symbolize?

2) Who is the most Christ-like figure in the film and why is this so?

3) How would you describe Reverend Russell? What made him tragic as a figure? What brought about his redemption? How has he changed since the first time we saw him in the film?

4) Why was Joe's mom so important to Simon? What made her exceptional as a person? How do you think that she may have changed since high school?

5) In your own opinion why were Simon's parents so cold to their son? Name some of a parent's obligations in raising a child that Simon's parents failed miserably at doing.

6) In your own opinion what was the most important point that the film made?

7) How would you describe Ben's role in Joe and Simon's life? What made him exceptional as a person?

8) This film deals with religious hypocrisy and abuse of both Joe's mom and of Simon by the people who surround them. Given all of the Christians who seem to be hypocrites why would one still choose to believe in God? Be sure to mention examples of how both Simon and Mrs. Wentworth handled their particular situation by not becoming a bitter person.

9) A woman is never an object but always a person made in God's image. Many comments and descriptions in the film about women were inappropriate. What is the appropriate way for young women to respond to comments such as these? What if you had a son and he made remarks like these about girls? What would you say to him? How could you correct him?

10) How is Simon a prophet? Give specific examples of a prophet from scripture and relate them to Simon. Give a prophetic scripture verse of and relate it to Simon's character.Does God have a plan for us? According to Catholic belief He certainly does. Given this belief we must attempt to discern what His will is for our lives daily by prayer, work and any acceptance of suffering that He chooses to allow us to experience. Simon Birch believed that God had given him a destiny.

11) What, if anything, does it say about us when we find it acceptable to watch the sacred images of Jesus and Mary desecrated at a manger scene and have no objections to it?